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5 Things You MUST Know If You're In Charge Company's Health & Safety.

Workplace Safety

Organizing and controlling a companies health & safety training and certification is a difficult thing to do. Especially since most companies don't have a full-time position for this role. Sometimes it's the Human Resources manager, warehouse supervisor, receptionist, or even the owner. Some companies don't even have any tools to help them keep track of recertification or new hires. They use Excel or Word to keep track of one of the most important aspects of their business, keeping people safe.

Workplace safety is a funny thing. Everyone unanimously agrees how important the health & safety of their workers are, but safety often gets pushed aside or delayed when people get busy. They try to find cheap options that can put their workers at risk. If H&S wasn't mandated, would your company even do it?

If you are reading this, maybe you are looking after your company's H&S. If so, here are 5 things you must know if you are in charge of your companies health & safety programs. 

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